Monday, August 12, 2013


North Carolina Gov. Pat McCrory  signed a bill Monday requiring photo identification at the polls and eliminating a slew of voting measures designed to protect against voter disenfranchisement.  The bill will require voters to show photo identification, reduces early voting by one week, eliminates same day registration and eliminates pre-registration of 16-17 yr. olds just to name a few.

The governor, announced by way of a YouTube video that he had signed House Bill 589.

Just hours after McCrory's signature, the ACLU of North Carolina and a coalition of other groups filed a lawsuit against the bill, charging that it violates the Constitution's Equal Protection Clause and the Voting Rights Act of 1965. The North Carolina NAACP and Advancement Project followed shortly after, filing another lawsuit.

The latest bill comes after the Supreme Court struck down the core of the Voting Rights Act, which required Southern states with a history of racial discrimination -- including North Carolina -- to have their laws cleared by the Department of Justice.

Stay tuned.  There will be much heated debate and discussion in the months to come as this bill and others like it that will follow, will effect the Democratic turnout in upcoming elections.  This is just another reason why we must all register to vote and exercise the right to vote.  It is our God given duty.

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