Thursday, August 15, 2013


A new report by the American Journal of Public Health states that obesity accounts for 18 percent of the deaths among Black and White Americans between the ages of 40-85.  This is a correction of the previously reported number of 5 percent.  Women appear to be more susceptible of dying from obesity than men.  Black women have the overall higher percentage of obesity-related deaths at 27 percent followed by white women at 21 percent.

A child growing up in today's society have a higher risk of obesity than their predecessors a generation ago.  Super-sized drinks, sandwiches, fries and snacks all contribute toward the overall health problems that children face in today's society.  Their clothes sizes are bigger and their peers are bigger.  Our society must do what is not only necessary but mandatory to reduce the number of obesity-related health issues and deaths.

Obesity has been linked to memory loss in older women and even causes the flu vaccine to be ineffective in some instances.  This is not to even mention the everyday challenges obese men, women and children face on a daily basis.  From discrimination at work and school to physical and emotional issues, this is a fight that we must all participate in.  We have had  the  "War on Drugs" and we must now wage the "War Against Obesity."  It's time to put our health first in our children, ourselves and our nation.  We all deserve to live life to the fullest.

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